First and 10

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12 in 2013)


Lovie Smith has won with less than he has in Tampa

The Bucs started last season 0-8, as Greg Schiano was clearly in over his head; he’s better suited as a college coach. He’s finally gone, replaced by Lovie Smith, a guy who led the Chicago Bears, with Rex Grossman at QB, to the Super Bowl. Now, he has an offense that features newcomer Josh McCown under center, with Doug Martin in the backfield and Vincent Jackson out wide. Plus, they have a defense that got better with Alterraun Verner now at cornerback.

1. Washington Redskins (3-13 in 2013)

Robert Griffin III

The soap opera is over, meaning it’s winning time in D.C. again

Robert Griffin III was never right last year, as he tried to rebound from the injury that ended his ultra-successful rookie campaign. That created a soap-opera atmosphere in D.C. that started in training camp and remained throughout a dismal season. Now, RGIII is healthy, and he’ll have a new quarterback guru (head coach Jay Gruden helped groom Andy Dalton in Cincinnati) to learn from. They were the NFC East champs in 2012; they can do it again in ’14.


Buck Stanton is a former agent and current sports business writer for various web sites, publications and newspapers. He believes that emotion is for suckers and statistics never lie.

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  1. The Giants will be much better in their run game and offensive line, therefore the pass game should be much improved. The defensive backs this year are improved. The LB and DL are at worse the same, can’t see how one can’t pick them as a much improved team..

  2. Anonymous

    Buccaneers not only have a new look on offense, will also welcome the Tampa 2 with talent all over the field, with Levonte David as the anchor. FIRE THE CANNONS BABY!!!

  3. Lol at EC, sounds like a typical Giants fan. Saying “They’ll trample Washington” then follow it up with no reasons as to why shows why you know nothing about football. Your team got lucky to win 2 Siper Bowls. Y’all are too hot or too cold to win anything. With the retirement of Chris Snee your already abysmal run game will be even worse. Your defense is losing its identity as your pass rushers continue to age. Y’all are going to finish 3rd or 4th. Sorry buddy