These 10 sleepers could challenge the New York Giants for a 2014 playoff spot


One of the great things about the NFL is that nearly every team can make a case for the upcoming season being “their year.” That’s because every campaign sees plenty of worst-to-first turnarounds, where non-playoff teams from the year before suddenly find themselves in postseason contention down the stretch.

Some of this is nothing more than false hope, summertime bravado that isn’t grounded in reality. But on occasion, with a few select teams, there is truly a reason for optimism. Between building on upon what they started in 2013, as well as shrewd moves during the offseason, several clubs have put themselves in position to make the leap from an also-ran to a contender.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the teams most likely to fall into that category in 2014. To see the 10 NFL sleeper teams that¬†could¬†make the playoffs this season, CLICK HERE.

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  • Keith

    The Giants only real threat is the Redskins. The Redskins defense was ranked dead last by analyst for the upcoming season. That’s the Gianrs biggest advantage they had a great defense once Beason was traded for. The Giants locked up DRC to an already talented secondary they can pair those CBs with Washingtons WR duos with Brown and Rolle seeking over thrown balls. The LB corps is loaded with talent now for the first time in a long time. Eli Manning won’t be forced to carry the team and force throws. The O-line added much needed help. We haven’t had a durable RB in years and now we finally went out and got a durable starter. The offense added a first rounder at WR to take the top off defenses with Cruz and Randle already in place the 3 wide set will look great! Don’t forget the backups who impressed last year like Jernnigan and a proven Vet in Manningham who will only see time if there is an Injury. The Giants have no reason not be a playoff 10-11 win team. I’m 100% confident Eli Manning bounces back from finally having some help at the O-line & RB positions. I just hope the D-line can live up to its potential JPP has been hurt with 2 bad season Moore is unproven the jury is still out if they can play to what we normally expect from a NY D-line. Even if it doesn’t the Giants can now Blitz LBs and safeties with the improvements in the secondary.

  • tm

    Oakland, Cleveland, Houston and the Jets are all in The AFC. Suggesting that they could challenge an NFC team for a playoff spot is absurd. Out of all of the AFC teams mentioned the Giants only play Houston in the regular season. I could be wrong and maybe the NFL had major realignment. I have heard or read nothing about it if they did. The Yardbraker has lost some credibility with this article. This is definitely poor editing on their part. What else have the failed to see the facts about in their commentary