Who are the top five best looking Seattle Seahawks?


Earlier this week when I posted about Marshawn Lynch’s nude ESPN photo shoot, a gentleman on Twitter took exception to the article and called me a derogatory word that was originally used to describe kindling. I’ll spare you the painfully stupid details but in short this gentleman found it unbecoming of a man to remark about how another man looks. He has since been unfollowed, blocked and reported for violation.

In the spirit of upsetting this gentleman and others who think like him I decided to compile a list of the five most handsome Seattle Seahawks on the roster today. If that’s not your kind of thing that’s just fine, but if the thought fills you with hate keep in mind that it takes a whole lot less time for me to delete your homophobic comments than it takes for your to write them.

A grown man can appreciate another grown man’s looks without there being anything gay about it, and even if there was there’s nothing wrong with that. Grow up. Here they are, in no particular order: the five best looking Seattle Seahawks on the roster today.

1. Kam Chancellor

Hey girl. I’ll boom your stalker ex so hard he’ll forget you ever existed.

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  • Briana

    How could you leave Bobby Wagner off this list?

  • Katherine

    Seriously? Where’s Bobby?????