I love…Zach Mettenberger’s drive



The Tennessee Titans took Zach Mettenberger in the sixth round of this year’s NFL Draft, with many pundits speculating he was the heir to quarterback Jake Locker’s throne.

Mettenberger has said just that, recently speaking with Sirius XM Radio:

“If I was drafted and (SiriusXM NFL Radio host Mark Brunell) is the vet, I’m coming for his job from Day 1,” Mettenberger said, via NFL.com. “That’s my attitude. If I don’t win the job, I’m pushing, in this scenario, pushing Mark to be the best guy for the job. I’m going to make Jake work that much harder, make Charlie (Whitehurst) work that much harder, ’cause I’m coming every day. And I’m bringing my best effort and my hardest work to the facility every day to show that I should be the guy playing.”

“I think that’s the approach any guy worth his salt has,” Mettenberger said. “You’re not only thinking about the short team, but you also have a long-term view of yourself as a player and a person. We don’t play this game to ride the bench, you don’t play this game to just get a paycheck — at least the good ones don’t. You play this game because you love it, you love competing, and you wanna play. That’s what I’m doing.”

Competition drives players to be better, and it appears Mettenberger is doing just that.

You’ve got to love the rookie coming in and pushing to be the best.

Image via Facebook.com/Titans

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