Breaking: Andre Johnson gives update on plans with Houston Texans


It’s well known by now Andre Johnson questioned whether the rebuilding Houston Texans that he wasn’t sure if this was the place for him to be. Proceeding to sit out mandatory minicamp and OTAs, Johnson finally gave the team his desire.’s Ian Rapoport delivered the news:

Rapoport also wrote a column with more details in the situation.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Houston Texans fans. Johnson decided he didn’t want to show up and was frustrated with the team’s plans of rebuilding. He’s going to be 33 years old before the season starts and definitely is running out of time to win a Super Bowl, and his best chances will not come from the Texans.

He has given it all he could for more than a decade, but the lack of playoff success has been hard for Johnson. The Texans would do the right thing to trade him, after all he’s done for the organization. Quite frankly, they don’t have much of a choice. They may not get equal value in return, but they can still get a couple draft picks that could help out the rebuilding process.

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  • Michael Gartman, Founder of

    They don’t have much of a choice? I don’t blame him for wanting to jump ship, but It’s highly likely that Johnson will be playing for the Texans in Week 1 or sit out and forfeit over $500,000 per week.

    Houston would eat $12 million by trading him, and the team that acquired him would take on his roughly $16 million cap hit.

    The Texans aren’t in a position to make a Super Bowl run in 2014, but they should be a legitimate playoff contender given their relatively weak schedule, strong O-line, offensive weapons and ferocious front seven on defense.