Oakland Raiders still disrespected by mass media, 32nd in ESPN future power ranking


Let’s face facts, the Oakland Raiders were the laughing stock of the NFL for YEARS and just when it looked like things were getting better with back to back 8-8 seasons, it all came crashing down again. General manager Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen ran the team with huge disadvantages the past two seasons but are finally free of those for 2014.

As a result, they went out in free agency and overhauled almost the entire team, starting with the offensive and defensive lines. But despite drastically improving the roster (it is impossible to argue the roster is not better), the focus of most in the media was on the fact that many of the free agents signed were older. Almost immediately, jokes about the age of the Raiders began to fall like hail in a storm. This despite the fact that at least one fourth of the Raiders roster is likely going to be rookie and second year players.

Last week, Mike Florio and Pro Football Talk ranked the Raiders dead last in their offseason power rankings. Now, ESPN has made a list of future power rankings based on how they expect teams to perform over the next three years. (You need to pay extra dollar dollar bills to read it because it is an Insider piece). Not surprisingly, the Raiders once again find themselves dead last in the league.

The primary factors ESPN considered when it came to the Raiders was the uncertainty of the QB position for the future and of course, the age of the free agents signed this offseason.

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  • Sean

    Used to it. They’ll find out how wrong they are soon enough.

    • James Arcellana

      I actually prefer to be underestimated. I think this team will surprise some.

      • Aaden Cooper


    • Jay

      I know you’re used to it. But soon enough? Well, they haven’t won sh#% for 12 years. FYI, twelve years is not synonymous with soon. It’s been a looong time

    • Jai

      Soon enough? Twelve years is a loooong time.

  • Pierre Volkov

    This is why I don’t watch Sportscenter or pay for their ridiculous Insider service. I want to pay to read them slam Raiders day after day? And Trey Wingo and Matt Williamson can each eat the same dick.

    • Jay

      The truth will set you free

  • Raiderfn4ife

    I know right! We’ll see who has the last laugh though!! Bunch of damn Raider haters as usual…

  • Raider Arlin

    You’re either on the bus or off the bus. BSPN can stay off the bus as far as I’m concerned.

    • Larry Dalzell

      Yes siree,Raider Arlin, BSPN has been anti-Raider for a long time. I have nothing to do w/them…

  • Mike Clig

    Not a surprise…just fuel for the fire….don’t even pay attention to the Disney sports channel…only watch it I have to! Raiders 4 life!

  • Jim chironna

    Bring it on !! Where did these penisis play their ball at …just win baby !!! Funk them !!

  • hulk.smash300

    I quit watching ESPN long a go. I even turn the sound off when watching games. All you hear is Manning this, Luck that. Not even talking about the game they are broadcasting.

  • keith Cuddy

    That’s fine. We’re the team that loves to be hated. Let them underestimate us. In a year or 2 they’ll change their tune & I still won’t give a f#@*.

    • Michael Guilford


  • mmp60

    I dislike ESPN and the rest of the eastern bias against west coast sports, but until our Raiders start kicking some butt, and stringing together wins, we have to endure this garbage.

    I for one am looking forward to The Autumn Wind returning with a vengeance.

    • Larry Dalzell

      They slobber all over themselves about Phyllis Rivers & the SD Chokers…

  • centsable

    Just more fuel for the Raiders to prove the media is a joke…and to pump up the fans, many of whom don’t believe they should be ranked 32nd, but still don’t think they’ll be a 6-10 teams this season.