Robert Griffin III says the Washington Redskins' best weapon is not who you think


This offseason has been all about the passing game. Still, whether we are talking about Robert Griffin III’s health or the addition of DeSean Jackson, we continuously neglect the person who may be the most important player on the Redskins offense.

“I think everyone would lean towards DeSean or Pierre [Garcon] or Jordan Reed,” RGIII said on the team’s website. “I think it’s Alfred [Morris]. With him, defenses have to make a decision whether to put guys in the box to stop him or leave the box light and allow Alfred to go between the tackles and lure in the safeties. I think it will be interesting to see what defenses do against him.”

The consensus opinion is that the Redskins, under coach Jay Gruden, are going to become a high-flying passing team, but maybe that shouldn’t be the case. Morris has been extremely effective over his first two seasons, and with a healthy RGIII and one of the best receiving corps in the league controlling the defense’s attention, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to dominate again.

If anything, Morris is definitely ready to play a big role.

“I’m always alert and I’m always ready,” Morris said. “Say we have a walkthrough, I’m actually sprinting. Whether it’s a big game or not, I’m finishing all of my runs. I do that sprinting to make sure I get that extra conditioning that will be helpful down the road.”

Recently, Cover32 named the Redskins the NFL’s top sleeper team to reach the playoffs, and that’s exactly what Morris plans on doing.

“My mindset is always winning no matter who we are playing, no matter what our record is, or what I am doing individually,” he said. “We’re winning every game, that’s my mindset. I do everything I can to help my team accomplish that goal of winning every game.”

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate Morris.

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