Is Johnny Manziel as safe a bet as Joe Flacco?


Recently, Vegas put the odds of Joe Flacco winning MVP at 100 to 1. This was equal to Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel and the Cincinnati Bengals’ Andy Dalton, both AFC North rivals.

My first thought was, how does a rookie who has never played an NFL snap automatically get grouped with a Superbowl MVP? It just goes to show that, outside of Baltimore, Flacco does not see much love from other teams and fans.

Coming off of a disappointing 8-8 season in which Flacco had a career high 22 interceptions, it may seem apparent why many people do not have Flacco high on their lists of overall quarterbacks.  But let’s not forget, it was just one year prior that Joe Flacco was Superbowl MVP after leading the Ravens to one of the best postseason runs of all time. While Flacco won’t awe people with gaudy statistics, what Flacco does best is, simply, win.

Since entering the league in 2008, Flacco’s 71 wins lead all quarterbacks. And while this feat is not Joe’s alone — as football is obviously not a one-man game — much credit should be given to the guy leading the offense.

The past is the past, and only time will tell how Flacco responds to his down season. As far as league MVP discussions are concerned, I wouldn’t say it’s crazy to have Flacco up there. Considering the whole Ravens offense is revamped with new faces like Steve Smith Sr. and Owen Daniels, it seems Flacco’s statistics can only improve.

While Flacco is lightyears away from Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, it is not fair to count Flacco out. After all, the Ravens gambled on Flacco and had to pony up the richest quarterback contract in NFL history, at the time.  Well earned after that dazzling Super Bowl run. This is the same Flacco I expect to see, not just in the postseason, but in the regular season, as well.

Unfortunately, we have a long time until the new league MVP is crowned, but crazier things have happened in the NFL than Joe Flacco being named MVP.

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  • Tane

    I am always amazed at what our deep thinking fans feel about different players. This Flaoo, and I’m no Ravens fan, is simply and truly just an average Joe type personality, but has proven time and again,(and often very bad OLs) that he is a strong competitor and durable. He does everything without complaint, and his quiet demeanor has proven strong in leading by example….as in winning more games than other QB during the same time.

    I guess it was when he was asked if he thought he was the best QB in the league and he said yes. …as in his foloowing statement that every QB has to believe this when they are playing…..but the public…oh, our incredible fans…. you know, the ones that never played a down of football in their lives, simply try to roast the guy. Oh well, to each their own.