Man claims he was assaulted by Miami Dolphins C Mike Pouncey, police investigating


Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl Center, Mike Pouncey, is currently being investigated in an alleged assault of a man that took place in a Miami Night Club late last night.

The victim wrote on his twitter account that he was attacked by four bouncers and two offensive linemen ( Mike and his brother Maurkice). It hasn’t been confirmed whether it was the two brothers but either way this isn’t good news for the Dolphins.

Pouncey is viewed as a good to near great center who is coming off a Pro Bowl season and is looking to get paid as this is the last year of his rookie contract. He may not be getting it from the Dolphins as this isn’t the first time Pouncey has attracted negative media attention. He was part of Miami’s bullying “scandal” and also seen wearing a “ Free Hernandez” hat after Aaron Hernandez was arrested last year.

Pouncey is going to demand big time money this off-season and I don’t think he deserves it. The Dolphins need to look at their center options as Shelley Smith, Nate Garner and Sam Brenner. Pouncey is going to miss four games or so because he is recovering from surgery, during those four weeks the Dolphins should see if one of these three can be the center of the future.

If I am a member of the Dolphins front office, I am trying to trade Pouncey for just about anything, get something for him instead of letting him walk at the end of the year for nothing. He is a very talented center, but with his troubles off the field, the Dolphins shouldn’t think about giving him a big contract. We’ll see how this latest saga plays out.

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