Weekly Rewind: Epic birthday cake; Colts, Pacers logo; The beautiful Natalie; and more


No big breaking news this week in Colts country, but that does not mean we were without some headlines. Vontae Davis had something to say about Greg Toler, Matt Overton celebrated his birthday, and we found you the best Colts games to attend this year. So sit back, relax, and catch up on all the latest Colts news right now.

Colts beautiful cheerleader Natalie. CLICK HERE

Five best games to attend this season for you pocket. CLICK HERE

Indianapolis Colts and Pacers mesh their logo together. CLICK HERE

Pat McAfee set for stand up comedy routine. CLICK HERE

Vontae Davis calls Toler ” richest, cheapest guy I know.” CLICK HERE

Matt Overton had a better birthday cake than you, trust me. CLICK HERE

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