Jimmy Smith arrested, fifth Raven this offseason


The Ravens now have had their fifth player arrested this offseason, and this player is an important one.

According to the Baltimore Sun, last night before midnight, police officers were called to an area bar in response to an unconscious woman.  When they arrived, Ravens starting cornerback, Jimmy Smith, was with the woman, claiming he was trying to help her.  After apparently not responding to officers’ requests to leave, Smith was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.  He was released from holding at 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

While on face value, this doesn’t appear to be a career-wrecking arrest, it is the last thing players want their names attached to.  And with this being the fifth arrest for the Ravens this offseason, it seems to be something of an epidemic.

Ravens Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, Kevin Byrne, said the organization is, “still gathering information,” on the incident.

With Smith entering a season that many expected to provide a contract extension, this certainly muddies the waters.  With what little information we have now, we can only speculate (which does nobody any good). however, as is, we can be sure that the Ravens aren’t happy with another dose of negative publicity, especially with football right around the corner.  For what it’s worth, as far as arrests go, this appears to be a minor one.

That being said, training camp can’t come fast enough for the front office.

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