2014 training camp: Previewing the Houston Texans quarterbacks


The Houston Texans have one of the biggest questionable quarterback situations in the NFL. After Case Keenum showcased lots of potential last season and went neck-and-neck in games against the likes of the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots, one would think it’d be fair for them to give him another shot.

Not so fast. The Texans signed Ryan Fitzpatrick in the early stages of free agency, and was named the starting quarterback of the team last month. Bill O’Brien later stated that “He’s earned it.” There should be plenty of concerns in Fitzpatrick being named the starters. For one, the Texans may be forced to trade the disgruntled Andre Johnson, leaving them without a consistent receiving threat.

Fitzpatrick had a strong receiving core when he was with the Buffalo Bills, but he still had far too many turnovers.  106 touchdowns vs. 93 interceptions in his career is not a pretty stat line.

Rookie quarterback Tom Savage, drafted out of Pittsburgh, will have to learn from the bench for the time being. He’s not ready yet.

Fortunately for Texans fans, if Fitzpatrick isn’t panning out, they do have Keenum in. He still managed 1,760 passing yards and nine touchdowns in just eight games, playing for a team that was in the middle of disaster.

The Texans just may have the most questionably quarterback situation right now, having passed on the chance to take one with the first overall pick and opting to take pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney. But Bill O’Brien is an offensive master and has proven to be a good quarterbacks coach. If anyone can turn a mediocre quarterback into a consistent starter, it’s the new Texans head coach.

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  • LindaClaudine

    Fitz is never going to be anything but a mediocre qb at best. Most polls have him as the worst starting qb in the NFL. I don’t get it. And here’s a novel idea: we know that Titans took Vince just to ruin him (which they did) – why not put him on the practice squad at least and see what happens? If we had drafted him instead of Mario, we’d probably have been in the SB already.