Buffalo Bills Quote of the week: Andre Reed checks Richard Sherman


Seems the Bills from the early 90’s who were a part of making history by charging their way to four straight Super Bowls are by no means done making headlines. Apparently the treacherously long offseason has even worn down the greats that don’t even play the game anymore as a few of them have been quite busy the past week or so making headlines. First we had the most dramatic situation of the off-season when Donte Whitner went toe to toe with Darryl Talley and his beautiful wife.

Now we have the most recent inductee into the Hall of Fame Andre Reed turning a few heads for what he had to say at the the 27th annual Jim Kelly Football Camp on Friday. When asked by one of the kids in attendance “In your prime, do you think (Seattle Seahawks cornerback) Richard Sherman could check you?”

Reeds response? “Hell no,” the response appropriately resulted in cheers from the kids in attendance as he continued with “Look, Richard Sherman is a really good player. But he isn’t a Deion (Sanders) or a (Rod) Woodson yet, even if he thinks he is.”

The way I see this, these kids were obviously left with the impression that Richard Sherman is the greatest cornerback that ever lived because he made a spectacle of himself after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. The fact that Andre Reed was even asked this question is just stupid, you are at a Bills camp and you are going to ask a Hall of Famer if one of the loudest mouths in NFL could “check you”?

This just goes to show you how much of an impression NFL athletes actually have on the children that watch them. When I first seen Sherman acting like a crazy mess after the Super Bowl I found it very amusing, but now that I find out that children actually believe he’s the greatest the NFL has ever seen I almost want to throw up on myself. To the kid that asked that question I have one things to say to you: Stop idolizing dramatic narcissistic assholes like Richard Sherman and start looking up to humble and respectful players like Sammy Watkins.

Its really a shame Andre Reed even had to answer that question in the first place, and by all acounts he responded appropriately. Especially considering that he could have violently cursed the kid out while having security remove him and his parents from the premises like I would have done.

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  • Mike Guittar

    Sherman is a very good CB but people are getting his fame confused with him being a great already in this league. In the game of football the secondary is only as good as the front 7, which Seattle has a very good front 7. Sherman is a very good CB but if you put him on the Jacksonville Jaguars he definitely wouldn’t have the shut down ability that he has now because the pass rush isn’t as dominant as the Seahawks is. There are great CBs in this league, Sherman is not great.