Camp Preview: Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks


The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2014 season is right around the corner, which means one thing: Training Camp is comin’, ya’ll.

We will be breaking down the Chiefs position-by-position over the next few weeks to get you prepared for Training Camp positional battles, and the pre-season as a whole.

Quarterback Depth Chart:

1) Alex Smith

2) Chase Daniel

3) Tyler Bray

4) Aaron Murray

Top Questions Heading into 2014:

3) Will the Chiefs take 4 quarterbacks into the 2014 season? If they do, how can they make that work logistically? And if not, who will be the odd man out?

2) Can Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray overtake Chase Daniel for the backup quarterback spot?

1) Will the Chiefs re-sign Alex Smith to a long-term extension?

cover32’s Analysis of the Chiefs QBs:

Lets be honest. The success of the 2014 Chiefs will start and (probably) end with the success of Alex Smith. If he’s good, the Chiefs have a chance to make the playoffs for the second straight year. But if he has a mediocre year, as he’s done for much of his career, the Chiefs are in trouble.

There was a lot to be excited about with Alex Smith in 2013. His 23 to 7 touchdown to interception ratio was among the top in the NFL. He put the team on his back in the team’s playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. He was a stable player at a position where the Chiefs haven’t had stability since the early 2000s with Trent Green. And he did so at an affordable price tag of just $7.5 million.

But all of that could be thrown out the window if the Chiefs decide to re-sign Alex Smith to a long-term extension. Chances are, it would cost the Chiefs upwards of $14 to $16 million per year over the course of a four to six year contract. Do you feelĀ that comfortable with Alex Smith as the Chiefs starting quarterback? That’s what Kansas City’s front office is asking right now.

But that’s not the only question that the Chiefs face as they head into training camp.

There are also the questions regarding what the Chiefs will do with their second and third string quarterback positions. Chase Daniel is the proven veteran that brings the same sense of reliability that Alex Smith brings to the starting position. But there are two young guns coming for Daniel’s spot.

Tyler Bray was one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks going into the 2013 NFL Draft, but his unpredictability both on and off the field dropped him out of the draft completely and landed him in Kansas City as a priority undrafted free agent. All reports seem to indicate that the Chiefs really like Bray. And if that’s the case, it makes you wonder if Kanas City would consider keeping the higher ceiling in Bray over the reliable backup option in Chase Daniel. It seems like a longshot to me, but it’s certainly possible.

And then there’s the wild card. What do the Chiefs do with Aaron Murray? The Chiefs 5th round pick and rookie quarterback was widely regarded as one of the ten or so best quarterbacks in this year’s draft. There are some that really love his game. He’s more athletic than you’d initially expect and he’s got a reliable arm. But he’s coming off a torn ACL, and he’s likely to be nothing more than a third string quarterback heading into the 2014 season. It would come a somewhat of a shock if he was cut after training camp, but for the Chiefs to keep him likely means they have to cut one of the quarterbacks they kept in the 2013 roster.

It’s a position to keep an eye on as we get closer and closer to the 2014 season. One of the Chiefs backups are likely to be cut. There’s no “good” option. They’re all good players. But one will likely have to go. The question is: who? And when?

And, there’s that lingering question of whether Alex Smith will re-sign long-term. The Chiefs have more questions about the quarterback position than the front office would hope for.

Soon, those questions should come to a close.

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