Camp Preview – QB: Hoyer should be nervous


NFL Training Camp starts soon, and every position has an interesting storyline for the Cleveland Browns. But no competition on the Browns (or even in the entire NFL for that matter) is being watched as closely as Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel.

It’s a classic dilemma: do you go with the grizzled veteran or the potential rookie superstar?

Hoyer is a safe choice – he will not singlehandedly lose games for Cleveland, he understands how the NFL works, and he will do well. But just well. Even the most optimistic Hoyer supporters do not expect Hoyer to throw 35 touchdowns and rush for 10 more. Hoyer is a game manager, a signal caller…an Alex Smith. On a great team, that might be all you need to win in the NFL. But the Browns’ don’t yet have a great team. Brian Hoyer is the way to go 8-8.

Manziel on the other hand is a crapshoot. If he were named the starting quarterback, I have no doubt that he would both singlehandedly win games and singlehandedly lose them. He could account, by himself, for 50 touchdowns easily. But he could also throw 35 interceptions, 10 fumbles, and get injured in the first game of the season. Manziel is a wild card. If the Browns name him the starter, they could either go 11-5 or 2-14.

So now the big question – which would you take? A solid season that will see Cleveland just miss the playoffs? Or a 50/50 chance of either winning the AFC North or being the worst team in the NFL?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the latter any day. We’ll see what the Browns’ brass decide, but Brian Hoyer should be a little nervous.

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  • Milch

    Hoyer helps you to not lose, what, two games? Maybe 7-9 with Hoyer, 5-11 with Manziel? Unless the coaching staff thinks that starting Week 1 will hamper Manziel’s development, then get him out there!

  • coyotemash

    If Hoyer plays like he did last year before he got hurt, Manzeil does not get off the bench. Sorry Johnny football.

  • tkh

    Mr. Eric Johnson, you sir, are a moron. It’s that type of thinking that ruined Tim Couch. Just throw him to the wolves and see if he survives. Give in to the hype to see if we can have one good season. Let’s face it, the Browns are not going to the SB next year or probably the year after that. Let’s do what no other Browns team has done for decades. Let’s move slowly with a veteran QB who can help all the players gel and learn their jobs. Meanwhile, we can develop our rookies and let them ease into their positions so we can have a perenial playoff team instead of a possible flash in the pan. How do teams like the patriots and squealers have good teams year-after-year? Because they take the time to develop the players and learn to work as a team. Your win at all cost mentality is why Cleveland never does well. Be patient. Wait for it to develop. We’ve been waiting for 50 years, a couple more wont kill us.

  • Mike

    There are two bulls on a hill, an old one and a young one. The young bull says “Hey dad, lets run down the hill and get one of those cows.” The old bull replies, “no son.” “Let’s walk down the hill and get them all.” What that means, is take your time, build a team that will last not just a flash in the pan.

  • Dan D

    Dear Browns’ fans,

    I’m a Denver Bronco guy but I really like the Browns and think you have a bright future ahead. Starting with the Trent Richardson trade, I’ve really liked the moves this new management team is making.

    I didn’t get to watch the Browns much last year, but it seemed to me like they were a night-and-day different team with Hoyer vs. Weeden (and then Campbell mopping things up). Even the defense seemed to play better with Hoyer at QB.

    What was the general impression of those of you who watched the Browns last year? Did they play with more of a spark with Hoyer? Weeden just seemed to have a way of sucking the life out of the locker room, at least to somebody like me watching from a distance.

  • Jim V

    From the moment he was drafted, that’s what we all heard and read was Johnny Football! He was in 7th Heaven! Then OOOooppps! LBJ is coming home! From that time forward, we haven’t hardly heard anything about Manzeil, other than a drug test? ( which hasn’t been mentioned lately…..(Strange)??? ” I would bet that this is eating his lunch!!!” LeBron is a proven player. Johnny hasn’t taken 1 snap against opposing team! Why is it so many are so excited about a unproven player???