Camp Preview: New Orleans Saints backup QB job is up for grabs


Thanks to the NBA Finals/Free Agency and the World Cup the summer sporting doldrums have seemed to fly by, and we’re less than two weeks from Training Camps kicking off across the NFL.

To catch you up to speed on all things Saints, each day we’ll preview a different position and give you an idea of what to keep an eye on while you watch reports coming out of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Monday, we begin with the quarterbacks.

The intrigue at quarterback is limited, due in large part to ol number nine. Drew Brees could show up to camp 20 lbs. overweight wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt and a visor and he’d still be handed the starting job on a silver platter.

There is however some interest as to what’s going on behind the future Hall of Famer.

Right now Luke McCown is slotted as the Saints’ backup quarterback, ahead of 2nd year Tulane graduate Ryan Griffin and Logan Kilgore, a rookie out of Middle Tennessee State. McCown has played with five teams over his 10 year career, spending only one full season in New Orleans. However, the 16 games he spent on the active roster as the backup to Brees was the longest tenure he’s had with any one team. His brother Josh made a boat-load of cash in free agency after filling in for Jay Cutler with the Bears last season, and although Luke likely doesn’t have as high of a ceiling he’s surely the best option to replace Brees in case of an injury.

Attention then turns to the potential heir-apparent to Brees, and whether or not Griffin or Kilgore fit the bill. The Saints will only keep three quarterbacks on their roster (if that) so there’s no chance both guys end up making the active roster.

By measurable alone Griffin seems the better option, standing at 6-foot-5 and 206 lbs., while Kilgore is a bit shorter at 6-foot-3 but weighs the same at 206 lbs. Griffin spent 10 games on the active roster last year as the Saints third string quarterback, which is a good sign as to the team’s confidence in his progression. To that end, since Griffin is still so young Kilgore was likely only brought in so that the team would have four bodies at quarterback and to create competition with Griffin – I find it hard to believe anyone on the team expects Kilgore to make the roster. But, should he have a good showing he could be signed to the practice squad to at least keep him in the organization.

At the end of Training Camp I fully expect the quarterback depth chart to look similar to last year’s chart:

1.) Drew Brees

2.) Luke McCown

3.) Ryan Griffin

If by some miracle Kilgore is slotted in at number four, expect him to be demoted to the practice squad by the end of the preseason.

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