Quotable Monday: Delano Howell stays humble


The Indianapolis Colts have a burning question to answer when it comes to the departure of Antoine Bethea during free agency. Who will take his place at safety?

A lot of members in the media expected the Colts to draft one, and bring him in to pair with LaRon Landry. The draft came and went, and the Colts strayed away from that position, and were left answering questions as to why.

The why has turned out to be Delano Howell. Howell is entering his third season in the league, and has just 12 games played under his belt. His first start came against San Francisco, and going into training camp is the front runner to start along side Landry.

Howell went undrafted out of Stanford University, and was acquired by the Colts when the Buffalo Bills released him during his rookie season. Smart move by Ryan Grigson as it looks like they have found the right man for the job.

Recently, Howell sat down with Craig Kelley of Colts.com and talked about his childhood and becoming an NFL player. One answer he gave to Kelley was on his first car, and the answer may surprise you.

“I got married and my wife and I share the car that she already had.  It’s a Toyota Camry. I was planning on purchasing a car this season. I don’t buy things unless I need it. My wife (April) and I are expecting a girl (Mercy) in September. We’ll need a car then. I’ll probably go out and get something.”

Howell is more than likely one of the few, if not the only, player in the NFL that has yet to buy a car. He goes on to talk about how he only buys things he needs, as to wants. Smart move a man that knows the average playing career for an NFL player right now is only six years.

Ryan Grigson, and Chuck Pagano have loaded this roster with humble players like Howell, and are trending in the right direction. They have become a role model for other franchises.

If you want to check out the rest of the interview with Howell. CLICK HERE

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