Top 10 in 2014: The best owners in the NFL today

Credit: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

Typically speaking, sports fans tend to worry about two things – the past and the future. They’ll debate who was the greatest player of all-time, while also spending hours discussing whether or not a rookie is going to be develop into an All-Pro.

Both are fun exercises, things that keep fans engaged and the beer flowing at the local tavern. But they miss out on what is most important – the present.

Forget about yesterday. Never mind tomorrow. Let’s talk about today.

Who are the best players in the NFL right now? Who can help a team win the Super Bowl this season? Who is writing a legacy with each passing week?

Those are the questions the editors at cover32 seek to answer in this series, “Top 10 in 2014.” In the coming weeks, every position – as well as head coach, general manager and other off-field areas – will be graded, evaluated and ranked.

The series continues with the men who sign the checks – team owners. Across the league, there are examples of good ones and bad ones, and they can make or break a franchise’s chances of winning. If an owner isn’t involved enough, the organization probably doesn’t have enough of an emphasis on winning. But if he has his hands in too many things, his meddling can derail even the best-laid plans. It’s a fine line, a tightrope between hands on and hands off.

Let the debate begin!


10. Jeffrey Lurie

Lurie has shown that he’ll make the tough decisions

While they don’t have a championship to show for it yet, the Eagles have won a lot of games under Lurie’s stewardship. Partially, it’s because he’s willing to take chances, like signing Michael Vick and hiring Chip Kelly. Not a lot of owners would have gumption to make those kinds of decisions, taking the heat that came from certain circles with each move, but Lurie proved he has the stomach to be a great leader.

9. Arthur Blank

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons
Blank has rebuilt the Falcons into a winner

The man who made his money starting Home Depot has done a great job rebuilding the Falcons, a franchise that was a perennial doormat when he purchased the team in 2002. Good hires, including general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Mike Smith, were the key to the turnaround. Last season’s dismal performance was an aberration; Atlanta is an annual contender now that Blank’s in charge.


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  • Anonymous

    A winner, Roney at 1, no questions asked. Now, Blank at 9 is too low. He’s done everything for the team. He’s a winner

  • claude banks

    No Tom Benson this list is a sham

  • James

    Why on earth would Tom Benson be on the list? He tried to move the Saints to San Antonio, but Saint fans seems to forget that

  • MikeD

    Jerry Jones not is this list is a shame. He may suck as a GM, but as an owner, he is one of the best.

    • concretejimmy52

      I have to agree. And I don’t like the Cowboys. But don’t hate them either.

  • concretejimmy52

    Art Modell left the Ravens in good hands with Steve Bisciotti. I’ve heard nothing but good things from his employees. Very smart businessman and treats his employees with respect.

  • concretejimmy52

    Fascinating that Rooney and Kraft are at the top. The guys who pay the refs. Putin and Kraft are BFF’s. And Rooney likes to gamble.

  • dumpy

    i think i just shit my pants…

  • LindaClaudine

    Yet another out-of-touch writer who doesn’t do his own homework. We are all in the wrong profession for sure – except for Jones (seriously – you think he’s gooo? he needs to fire himself like he said he was), every poster here could have written a better article.