What could the Houston Texans get for Andre Johnson?


The rumors of Andre Johnson requesting a trade and the likes of it happening appear confusing. Firstly, he did request a trade last week , and NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport stated that four teams were interested in a trade.

Now, the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain has stated that the team hopes to keep him with the Houston Texans for the rest of his career.

As McClain points out, the chances are very unlikely of him sitting out much longer, because he’ll forfeit $588,235 a week for every regular season week he sits out.

However, let’s take a moment and assume that Johnson does want to get traded. He’s going to be 33 by the time the season starts, and it’s an age where plenty of receivers start to decline in production.

Johnson is clearly lacking trust that the Texans rebuilding plan is going well, and that they aren’t good enough to compete for a Super Bowl. Assuming he does want to leave and join a contender, what could the Texans get?

In all honesty, not that much. He’ll carry a $15.6 million cap hit this year and $16.1 million next year. Teams will be very nervous about trading for a guy that old, with such a heavy cap hit. We saw Randy Moss and Chad Ochocinco, in their early 30’s, get traded to the New England Patriots for late draft picks.

Don’t expect the Texans to get a fortune for Johnson. A lot of people seem optimistic they’ll trade him to the New England Patriots and receive promising young quarterback Ryan Mallett. That seems unlikely now, as the Texans are committed to Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter, and the Patriots have plenty of young receivers they want to work with.

So if Johnson does demand a trade from the Texans, don’t expect them to get fair market value for him.

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  • Corey

    I don’t understand this cap stuff. I’m told that the Texans would still have a big fat cap hit even if they trade him to someone else, but this article suggests that a team would still be taking on the full cap hit of his salary….So one player taking up over 20 million in cap space between two teams? Doesn’t seem right…

  • LindaClaudine

    The whole thing is ridiculous. Every NFL fan around the country thinks we are crazy for not paying the man. Does loyalty not mean anything? It’s not much money he is asking for – yet we can sign Fitz? Give me a break. This man is going to be our First Hall of Famer. And as I related in another post – after Katrina when the Saints practiced here one week, there was on open practice (two that day in fact) for the fans. It had to be 100 degrees. After two practices, Andre was the ONLY player to come out and patiently signed autographs and interacted with EVERYONE (at least 100 people) who were still there – this after two practices! He is a class act, and this should never even have been an issue. We can keep Matt Schaub, who always had that look in his eye that no franchise qb should ever have, yet we won’t pay Andre? And Houston wonders why our football teams have never gone far? I could manage the team better, and I’m a woman who only got to play a few games of “flag” football in high school (and was the only one who even knew what the Statue of Liberty play was. I love being a woman – but I sure would have loved playing football!

  • LindaClaudine

    And FYI: how many games did we lose last year because of missed field goals. I sure hope they get someone who can actually kick.