5 Pro Bowl candidates for the Dallas Cowboys in 2014


With training camp just a few short weeks away the 2014 NFL season is just around the corner. In 2013 the Boys finished 8-8 again and will be looking to blast out of that rut. To help get you ready for the upcoming year, we made a list of the top five candidates who might make the Pro Bowl for the Cowboys in 2014.

1. DeMarco Murray

The Cowboys have a reputation has a pass-happy, gunslinger kind of a team. What if I told you that their most valuable weapon on offense was a workhorse running back?

Murray doesn’t get mentioned with the Adrian Petersons, Arian Fosters and Marshawn Lynchs of the world, but he’s every bit as good. In 14 games last season he tallied 1,121 rushing yards and scored 10 touchdowns. A second Pro Bowl appearance should be in his near future.

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