Nick Roach takes out some aggression on a poor intern


Many members of the Oakland Raiders spend portions of their offseason training with various independent companies. With strict rules in the NFL collective bargaining agreement which limit the amount of contact coaches can have with players during the offseason, it makes sense that many will turn to companies with coaches and facilities that match the quality of that found in the NFL.

Raiders middle linebacker Nick Roach has been training with one such company called TC Boost in Northbrook Illinois. What’s also common is athletes giving out free advertising for these companies by tweeting pictures of their workouts and making the brand more well known. TC Boost took this idea one step further and had Roach film a short video to advertise for their services.

In the video which can be found on their Facebook page, Roach gets ready for a hitting drill. But rather than hitting a dummy, TC Boost has one of their interns put on some pads and get blown up by Roach. Even though Roach is clearly not giving it his all, you can see the poor intern’s head snap forward with the impact of the hit. Hope they have good workman’s comp insurance!

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