Plaxico Burress gives Oakland Raiders shout out, Twitter turns into shoot out


From offseason power rankings, to NFL futures power rankings to NFL head coach power rankings, the Oakland Raiders are in the midst of a mind numbing amount of negative press. As media outlet after media outlet takes shots at the prospects for the Silver and Black, one person has finally come out in their defense.

On NFL Live, Plaxico Burress picked the Raiders to go from worst to first, beating out three divisional rivals who went to the playoffs last season. Unfortunately for Burress, the shout out to the Raiders resulted in gun pun after gun pun on Twitter. Not surprising since people love to make jokes about the Raiders.

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  • Lawrence

    This article says nothing. Absolutely worthless!

    • Anon

      Well look who wrote it… worthless website and worthless writers

      • James Arcellana

        Well I guess this piece was a misfire. Locked and loaded with 200+ words that didn’t say anything? Must’ve been firing blanks. Maybe I need to do a better job of shooting for the stars.

        • Walter Spargo

          Worthwhile topics are at a premium this time of year, aren’t they?

          • James Arcellana

            Meh, it’s all subjective. Like you said, its the same as always. No matter what there will be people who will get upset and people who will love everything you do. Some people on FB thought this post was hilarious, these two thought it was worthless, that’s just how things go.

  • Raider Arlin

    Plaxico Burris gives Oakland Raiders shout out,Twitter turns into to shoot out. Pretty sure that’s the heading of this article. James told us what Plax said and gave us some examples of Twitter reactions. What were you expecting? Something worthy of a Pulitzer Prize? I guess some people look for anything to bitch about. I thought it was just fine.

    • James Arcellana

      Thanks. Yeah I’ll be the first to admit that things are slow during the offseason but I also agree that the headline was fairly clear it was a nonsense piece just for fun.

  • Josh Corrington

    I’m gonna follow all of them.. you know, just In Case somehow someway, we do win the division..

  • RaiderRich

    so now we have people hating people who like the Raiders…..Go Plexico, you still have a right to your opinion in this country…..and I agree with you!!!!

  • Marty

    I agree with Plexico and – RaiderRich. I am a Serous old school Oakland Raider fan from DAY ONE!!! It is The Oakland Raiders Time To Shine !!!!!! Cheers, & GO RADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaden Cooper

    Not sure what the intellectually deficient are looking for this time of year. Posting comments that criticize folks that are obviously passionate about what they do is weak and is very telling of the type of person they are. I hope folks like this don’t have children because that would be the real travesty in my opinion. Maybe I’m too old and have yet to grasp the reality of social media and the deviants it unsurfaces. Not every article is meant to be ground breaking journalistic masterpieces. Keep up the good work James and the rest of the crew as well.