Twitter Tuesday: The Jake Locker bashing continues


As the regular season creeps closer, the criticism of quarterback Jake Locker continues

You shouldn’t be surprised after that little tidbit that Locker and the Titans are ranked at the bottom of the barrel.

From Sports on Earth:

“32. Tennessee Titans

Ken Whisenhunt is like one of those dudes who is always dating women who are wrong for him: always pursuing the tall and buxom, when he would be happier with someone a little smarter and more mature. Whisenhunt craves Ben Roethlisberger surrogates, when he really needs Kurt Warner types: 30-somethings whose minds have caught up to or surpassed their bodies. He became head coaching material again after one year with Philip Rivers, the consummate older-and-wiser quarterback. But did Whisenhunt get the message? Nope. Off he went in search of Zach Mettenberger, who is so much like Ben Roethlisberger that their names sound alike.

Mettenberger is a pretty great size/arm prospect who would not have lasted past the second round if a knee injury had not ruined his 2013 season. Here’s the thing, though: Roethlisberger was unique. Not every giant 22-year-old who can throw lasers is Roethlisberger. And Whisenhunt’s system is not really friendly to Big Ben knockoffs, as John Skelton proved.

Mettenberger could use a year on the bench to get smarter and healthier, but he could start on Opening Day with only Jake Locker and loose change ahead of him. After three injury-marred seasons, Locker still looked like a toolsy rookie last year. He locked onto primary receivers, threw short passes too late, and had the ball placement of a blindfolded man trying to smell open receivers. Unlike most scrambling quarterbacks, Locker is not a good passer on the run: take him out of the pocket, and his passes look like baseball sliders. A coach looking to do a lot of read-option might have a chance to rehabilitate Locker, who runs like the wind and has a killer fastball. But Whisenhunt is not a read-option guy.

Also on the roster is poor Tyler Wilson, who cannot buy a break, and Charlie Whitehurst, who sends fake tweets about punters for some reason.”

Absolutely brutal.

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  • Nick W.

    The hard work will pay off Jake. 53 more days and we will put this all to rest… Ken Whisenhunt + Ray Horton = AFC South Champs and Deep Playoff Run. That’s Right!!!!

  • ruth