Vote for Mike Jones’ “Tackle” in ESPN’s Most Memorable Play bracket


If you weren’t aware, ESPN is running a Most Memorable Play bracket this summer.

Fans of each franchise first voted for which play in their franchise’s history would earn the right to be selected to the bracket. Rams fans overwhelmingly chose Mike Jones’ Super Bowl-preserving “Tackle” over other contenders, including Warner to Bruce in that same Super Bowl XXXIV and Ricky Proehl’s catch in the NFC Championship to send the Rams there.

Yesterday’s first round of voting saw the Rams’ best play – a 4-seed in their 8-seed region of the 32-team bracket – destroy the Bears’ best play (a long Walter Payton run) by a vote of 69 percent to 31 percent.

Today’s challenge is much tougher. The Rams are up against the 1-seed in the bracket, the 49ers, whose best play is Dwight Clark’s “catch.” You probably know the one.

Go vote here and have your voice heard.

Here are the two plays just in case you somehow don’t remember the exact play like most of us.

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