Grade Day: Brian Hoyer gets an “A” for Cleveland pride


In case you haven’t heard, LeBron James is coming back to town…and one of the reasons he is returning is his love for the city of Cleveland. This has sparked a lot of Cleveland sentiment from many of us, but also from other players on other teams in the area.

One of these is Brian Hoyer, who’s as native as them come. He grew up in Northeast Ohio, his family had Cleveland Indians season tickets, and he idolized Bernie Kosar. And now, he is the assumed starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. When talking about LeBron and his favorite city of Cleveland, Hoyer said this:

“It’s a blue collar town. It’s blue collar country. Everyone in this area, you work for what you get. And I think that’s what he [LeBron] was trying to say. I’ve never had a chance to say something like that before, but that’s kind of been my philosophy my whole career. Nothing’s ever been handed to me. I’ve worked for what I’ve got.”

Hoyer continued to love on C-town:

“For me, I’m a Clevelander first. Whether I play for the Browns or not – I want this city to do well.”

For his dedication to the city of Cleveland, and the passion it will allow him to bring to the football field, Brian Hoyer gets an “A”.

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