Grade Day: Houston Texans offseason thus far


Today is Grade Day, and we will have a look at some of the early moves the Houston Texans have made this offseason over all and grade them to get you ready for the upcoming season.

Drafting Jadeveon Clowney-A+

Taking Clowney was a no-brainer for Houston. The freak pass rusher is going to be very dangerous when he’s paired with J.J. Watt, who’s already the league’s top pass-rusher, having racked up 31 sacks over the last two seasons.

There was just no doubt in taking the best player available in the draft, and opposing offensive coordinators are going to have a real tough time finding out ways to stop these two.

Naming Ryan Fitzpatrick starter- D-

It’s going to keep being brought up until he proves he can lead this team and be a consistent starting quarterback. His 106 touchdowns against 93 interceptions is a gross stat.

The Texans decided to name Fitzpatrick the starter over the young Case Keenum. Keenum did not win any games last season, but he played very well and nearly defeated strong teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals. Fitzpatrick is 31 years old and you rarely, if ever, see a quarterback have a breakout season once he turns 30.

Hiring Bill O’Brien- B+

The hiring of O’Brien looks good. The Texans need an offensive minded head coach, and O’Brien spent years in the Patriots organization as a quarterbacks and receiving coach and offensive coordinator.

O’Brien is trying to help the Texans mimic the Pats offense that O’Brien ran when he was there. If this can work in some way, then the Texans passing game may finally have a consistent passing game.

Not adding a veteran tight end/receiver- F

The Texans didn’t add a veteran tight end in free agency, and will rely on a secondary option Garrett Graham to carry the load, and hope rookie C.J. Fiedorowicz will also carry the passing game. Neither will probably be very productive, at least this season. Adding a veteran would have been a good security option.

As for the receivers, Andre Johnson’s trade request puts the team in a spot where if they trade him, they’re not going to get equal value for a 33-year old that’s going to decline sooner rather than later.

DeAndre Hopkins is the only proven receiver on the team. Adding a veteran through free agency long ago would have helped them replace Johnson’s production, or at worst, given them three proven receivers if Johnson stayed.

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