Grade Day: Robert Mathis approves of Jimmy Grahams new contract


New Orleans Saints tight end, or receiver, whatever you want to classify him as these days signed a new contract yesterday. The deal came after an arbitrator stated that Graham was a tight end and that the Saints could franchise tag him as one, even though Graham and his agent wanted him classified as a receiver.

The reason being was about four million dollars, as the franchise tag is much higher for receivers compared to tight ends. It all appears now though that the tag will be unnecessary because of his new contract. The deal is worth $40 million for four years, making him the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. $21 million of the contract is guaranteed. Passing the mark set by former Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark, who singed a $27.55 million dollar contract in 2008.

When Robert Mathis learned of the new deal he seemed thrilled for the young man, and displayed his pleasure through Twitter.

It is always nice to see players in support of fellow players, but Mathis seemed to be proud of the fact that Graham has earned his contract and worked his butt off to get this. Well done Graham, and the support shown by Mathis gets an A.

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