Numbers Game

Certain players are simply synonymous with certain numbers. It’s hard to see No. 4 without thinking of Brett Favre. Seven will always be John Elway. A pair of twos right next to each other is Emmitt Smith. And the sight of 56 conjures up memories of Lawrence Taylor.

Those are some of the all-time greats, players who have etched their names in the NFL’s history books. But there are plenty of guys today who are on their way to that type of football immortality, the best in the game who are creating their own legacies.

Are they good enough to become forever linked with their jersey number, however? That’s a level of greatness that few achieve.

Are they destined to become an all-time great? Only time will tell. But here’s who is on track at the moment.

• Numbers 1-9 (READ)


Cam Newton started things off with a bang

Numbers 10-19 (READ)

Buck - Peyton Manning

No. 18 didn’t create a lot of debate

Numbers 20-29 (READ)

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Sherman has a loud mouth and a spot on the list

Numbers 30-39 (READ)


Tillman remains an elite corner late in his career

Numbers 40-49 (READ)

Troy Polamalu

Polamalu was one of the lone bright spots in the 40s

Numbers 50-99

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