4 hopeful headlines: can Bishop Sankey win offensive rookie of the year?


The 2014 NFL season is exactly six weeks away and we’re ramping up our speculation machine to full throttle here at cover32. If you’re curious to find out what will happen this year and don’t want to go through that whole messy business of waiting to find out, we’ve got you covered.

So dim the lights, turn your fog machine on and gaze into the crystal ball. Yoda said it best – the future is always in motion. Things could go well, and they could break bad. For now let’s take a look at the brighter side: here’s four hopeful headlines for the Tennessee Titans 2014 season.

1. Bishop Sankey: offensive rookie of the year

I for one am very high on Sankey’s upside. At least I think that it’s Sankey’s upside.

In any case, this kid is the reason why the Titans finally cut the cord and let Chris Johnson go after several underwhelming seasons. He is lethally quick and doesn’t shy away from contact. If you haven’t had the privilege of watching Sankey live, check out this highlight reel:

Beautiful. If he lives up to his potential Sankey will have a shot at offensive rookie of the year.

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  • Nick W.

    Great head-man, great o-line, & running back by committee + top-heavy receivers. Wow people, Jake is going to have a ball this year in the PLAYOFFS!!!