4 hopeful headlines: can Terrell Suggs win defensive player of the year?


The 2014 NFL season is exactly six weeks away and we’re ramping up our speculation machine to full throttle here at cover32. If you’re curious to find out what will happen this year and don’t want to go through that whole messy business of waiting to find out, we’ve got you covered.

So dim the lights, turn your fog machine on and gaze into the crystal ball. Yoda said it best – the future is always in motion. Things could go well, and they could break bad. For now let’s take a look at the brighter side: here’s four hopeful headlines for the Baltimore Ravens 2014 season.

1. Terrell Suggs wins defensive player of the year

After missing half of the Ravens Super bowl season Suggs returned to his old bad self in 2013.

He played in all 16 games and tallied 10 sacks and 47 combined tackles, but the defense was feeling the loss of Ray Lewis’ veteran leadership plus a number of other important pieces. If the Ravens are serious about getting back to the playoffs they’re going to need Suggs to recapture the magic of the 2011 season, when he had 14 sacks and seven forced fumbles. If does that then Suggs will be in the running for defensive player of the year.


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