Camp Preview: Roy Helu is set to play a huge role in the Redskins offense


It seems as if the general consensus is that Alfred Morris somehow had a down year last season. That simply isn’t true. Morris was just as much a beast in 2013 as he was in 2012.

I mean, the guy ran for 1,275 yards and seven touchdowns, on 4.6 yards per carry, last season. That’s very good. Really, the only reason he didn’t reach his rookie numbers is the lack of carries—50 fewer carries last year.

There is no reason to worry about Morris. He’s one of the best running backs in the NFL, and he’s only going to continue to get better. The real question is whether or not Roy Helu is finally ready to join him in that upper-echelon of running backs.

Helu could very well end up being a major factor in this Redskins offense. While Morris is the kind of back that can continuously pound a defense up the middle, Helu has the ability to tear defenses apart out of the backfield. He caught 49 passes during his rookie season and 31 last season, but neither of those numbers represent Helu’s full capabilities. This guy could catch 70-plus receptions if used correctly.

Now, I don’t see him doing that. It would be really hard with Morris on the field nearly every play, but that doesn’t mean Helu can’t have an enormous impact. Expect Helu to play that “Darren Sproles” role this season. The Redskins are loaded at nearly every skill position, and if they can effectively utilize Helu out of the backfield, defenses simply won’t have enough man power to cover every receiver, tight end and running back, all while ensuring Robert Griffin III doesn’t escape the pocket and scramble for 25 yards.

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