I Hate: The Kyle Orton Saga


Dallas, TX – If you’ve been living under a rock the last week then you probably missed it when the Dallas Cowboys cut their former “insurance policy” Kyle Orton.

Orton signed with the Cowboys in 2012 and spent the last two seasons’ primarily on the bench, but was elevated to a starter in last year’s finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m saying this for those who are on my side; who cares?! I certainly don’t, most folks want to talk about how well he played in the Finale but I think his play was spotty at best. He threw a few ducks in that game, not to mention the ones he threw toward the feet of his receivers.

Kyle Orton has had a decent career but let’s pump the breaks on the “we need him” talk. The Cowboys don’t need Kyle Orton. Why would anyone want a guy on their team that would rather be retired? Orton has certainly won a few games as a starter but he isn’t exactly the greatest quarterback to ever become a backup.

This entire offseason has been somewhat of “The Kyle Orton Show”, that in itself is just plain ridiculous. Nobody talked this much about a backup since Tim Tebow.

Brandon Weeden has come into Dallas and has shown that he deserves the chance to become Tony Romo’s primary backup and now it has become official.

Say what you will about how the Cowboys cut him instead of forcing him to retire but don’t act upset that Kyle won’t be a Cowboy in 2014. He’s 35-34 in his career and has never really looked, acted or resembled any type of leader for younger players. In fact, in 2012 he came to the Cowboys when there were starting options out there for him.

In closing, maybe Kyle Orton starts for another team this year or maybe he retires but either way Kyle Orton should not be missed. Like Parcells said “if the player starts mentioning retirement, he’s already retired.”

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