Shorts, Brown take advantage of an opportunity to learn from an ‘All-Pro’ wide receiver


Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that is in place for the National Football League, there are several rules that impact what players can and cannot do during the offseason.

One thing they can’t do is conduct drills and workouts at team facilities with the coaches until training camp opens which, for the Jacksonville Jaguars is on July 25. However, one thing they can do is get together with other players in the league on their own.

Wide receivers Cecil Shorts III and Mike Brown are doing exactly that as they’re up in Minnesota with around 30 other receivers, tight ends and even quarterbacks at Larry Fitzgerald‘s annual offseason camp. There, they join other players like Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph, Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett an Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who are all looking to learn from one another while staying in shape for the upcoming season.

“This offers you an opportunity to get together with some of the top guys in the NFL. It’s kind of a neutral place where a bunch of guys can get together and work together and learn from each other. You get a chance to see what other guys are doing on the field, how they run their routes, how they set their routes up – things like that. You’re always looking for something to pick up from every single person.” – WR Mike Brown

One thing both Brown and Shorts talked about was Jaguars wide receiver coach Jerry Sullivan, someone who trained Fitzgerald during the NFL lockout back in 2011.

“He (Fitzgerald) is all about Coach Sullivan. He talks about him 24-7. I ran a bad curl Wednesday and he (Fitzgerald) got on me, ‘What would Coach Sully say? He’d be on you.’ When a Hall of Fame receiver is hungry to learn from Coach Sullivan, that just solidifies what we’re doing. That’s huge!” – WR Cecil Shorts III

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