Things I hate: Bandwagon fans


I don’t think the Browns have ever suffered from this as they’ve rarely had teams good enough for anyone other than the most devoted and die te yohard fans to stick around and watch. This isn’t directed towards Browns fans. I love you all and respect what you have been through in the years of misery with this team.

Cavaliers fans are a different story.

I understand the hatred of LeBron when he left and the love and joy when he came back. That’s all understandable and I don’t hate anything about it. What I DO hate is to see within the last few days hundreds and hundreds more Cavs hats and jerseys in the streets. Fans who didn’t give a sh** about the team when they were struggling and now act like they are die hard fans when they now have the best odds in Vegas to win the championship.

That ticks me off.

If you are a fan of the Browns I would bet you hate it as well but you can always have the pride in yourself knowing that when this team finally wins (and someday they will!) you have been there through thick and thin and you alone deserve to feel the total joy of success.

Browns fans, I salute you! Also, the few Cavs fans that stuck around for the last few years, you deserve some respect as well. To the fans who jump on the wagon only when things are right. I hate you and I hope you fall off that wagon and break something.

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