Top 5: New Orleans Saints we would want to hang out with


As fans we tend to forget that athletes are first-and-foremost normal people. Freakishly athletic, highly-motivated people. When they’re not out dominating the playing field most of them retire to relatively normal homes and lead lives that – although residing in a higher economic class than the average fan – most of us can relate to.

In that vein, here are the top five guys from the New Orleans Saints we would like to hang out with.

5.) Drew Brees


If it was simply up to likability and overall good-guy-ness, Brees would top the list even if you widened the category to include the entire NFL.

He’s just genuinely nice.

You can’t say that about many people these days. I imagine he’s the type of person that’s down for whatever, so whether you want to pop in a video game, take in a play, or play 18 holes Brees will attack the day with the same zeal he brings to the football field. You’ll likely be complimented throughout the day, and walk away feeling like a million bucks. There’s one caveat to hanging with Brees, though: he’s a family man. One of the things that makes him uniquely sweet is also his greatest downside, because family will always come between your friendship. Trip to Vegas? Sorry bro, my son has swim lessons this weekend. Go to the bar and watch the game? Sorry man, kids not feeling well gotta stay in and read him stories. You get the picture. But hey, he owns like 30 Jimmy Johns so you’re probably eating mad sandwiches too, which is a plus.


4.) Mark Ingram

He’s a guy a lot of Saints’ fans have some level of disdain for, due to his inability to live up to the Heisman Trophy standard he set for himself in college. However, off the field Ingram has become one of the more beloved characters around the Saints locker room. Good-natured and bursting with energy, Ingram is one of those guys you can count on to lift the mood of a room. Recently he’s spent a lot of time on twitter discussing the 2014 World Cup, and even if you can’t appreciate him being a soccer fan you can at least respect that this dude knows how to party (see above tweet for evidence). Hanging out with Ingram likely involves a packed sports bar, lots of friends, and a few pretty girls to go along with it. There will never be a shortage of jokes or laughs, and at the end of the night he’ll pick up the bill for a cab because he’s that kind of guy. Be careful though, you may find yourself taking a few too many ‘selfies’.


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