Top 5 Pittsburgh Steelers greats who did not finish their career in the Steel City


Throughout the decades the Pittsburgh Steelers have had many phenomenal playmakers grace their roster, but just as many of those players have left the Steel City to finish out their time in the NFL elsewhere.

Here, we will take a look at five of the most influential players that have made an impact for the team, but did not retire as Steelers.

5. Rashard Mendenhall


The Steelers’ first round draft pick in the 2008 season, Rashard Mendenhall was chosen to give Pittsburgh the first round talent that had been missing since Jerome Bettis retired in 2005.

After 3/4ths of his rookie season on the team’s injured/reserve list due to a fractured shoulder, Mendenhall would carry the brunt of the Steelers’ running back duties in 2009, rushing for 1,108 yards. After the release of Willie Parker before the 2010 season, Mendenhall became the Steelers’ de facto running back, rushing for another 1,000 yard season (1,273 total) and 13 touchdowns, playing a vital role in Pittsburgh’s success to reach Super Bowl XLV.

Mendenhall would spend to more seasons with the Steelers and, after a very rocky 2012 season with the team, would leave in free agency to join the Arizona Cardinals. After his one year stint in Arizona he would retire from the game of football due to personal reasons.

NO. 4

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  • Truth ranger

    I would barley call mendenhall a steeler great who did not finish in Pittsburgh. Here is a better list for you.
    willy Parker
    Greg Lloyd,
    Hardy Nickerson
    Joel steed
    Levon Kirkland
    Chad brown
    Carnell lake
    Joel steed
    James Harrison

    Just to name a few.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Webster????

  • bob graff

    Mike Webster

    • bob graff

      Glen Edwards believe it or not has more career ints. than Troy .

  • Jay

    As it says at the top, there are many great players who could have made this list, and making it wasnt easy. I wanted to capture players nearly every decade, not just bog it down with one, hence the addition of Mendenhall.Parker and Harrison would have been great additions, but Willie didn’t play for another team, he was only on the ‘Skins practice squad and never seen regular season field time, and Harrison has yet to retire. Thank you all for your considerations.