5 ways to kill the last offseason weekend: Watch the Dee Ford show


Friday is everyone’s favorite day of the week, but today is a particularly awesome one because it begins the final weekend of the NFL offseason. That’s right, next week training camp begins and the 2014 season will officially be under way.

The smell of fresh cut grass, the tension building in your stomach, the sound of shoulder pads crashing together at full speed…

If you’re like us you probably are so excited to see live football again that you don’t know what to do with yourself. So we decided to come up with five ways to pass the time this weekend. To start off let’s begin with the obvious. As long as your favorite players are putting in work in the film room, then you should too. That means obsessively viewing highlights from last season.

1. Watch the Dee Ford show

Kansas City is not lacking in solid defensive linemen, and in the 2014 NFL Draft they got even deeper. At Auburn Dee Ford played several positions on the front seven, utilizing his versatility, power and acceleration in amazing ways. Several scouts have compared him favorably to Denver’s Von Miller.

Ford can line up at defensive end or outside linebacker – he’s a brutal pass rusher and can drop back into coverage. All those qualities made him an obvious choice for the Chiefs in the first round.

To help get you pumped up for the 2014 season let’s take a gander at this highlight reel from his time at Auburn:

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