Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans is his own worst enemy


Andre Johnson is Sabotaging Himself.

Word on the street (actually twitter) is that Johnson would be willing to restructure his contract, but won’t be willing to take a pay cut. Johnson isn’t going anywhere with that idea. Texans already don’t want to trade him and he isn’t willing to take a pay cut, the only team that would ever do anything that crazy would be the Redskin’s and they already got Desean Jackson in the offseason.

I understand Andre Johnson has put up amazing numbers, and he has done it despite having mediocre quarterbacks throwing the ball to him. If he really wants to leave the Texans and sign with a team that gives him a shot at winning a super bowl, he better wise up.

With this attitude all that Johnson is going to accomplish is costing himself a lot of money and ending up playing for the Texans anyway.

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  • LindaClaudine

    Well, when you are 33 years old and have given what he has to his team, then maybe I’ll listen to you. Until then – no! He’s going to be our first Hall of Famer! He’s at a vulnerable time age-wise, and he’s not asking for a ton of money. They shouldn’t have got Fitz and drafted Alabama’s QB in the 5th for next to nothing and problem solved. I will never forget, after Katrina, the Saints were practicing here for a week and there was a big open practice for fans – two sessions, 100 degrees out at least. Andre was the ONLY member of either team to come out and autograph and interact with the fans AFTER those two practices and he stayed until everyone got their autograph – and there had to have been 100 people. Pay the man. I don’t get it.