Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox’s wife compares Drake’s ESPYs song to Hitler


Well, this one is a bit odd.

While this isn’t exactly a Raven making headlines, it sort of is.  Morgan Cox is not somebody football fans normally think of in regard to the Ravens, however, his wife, Lauren Cox, is apparently an active blogger.

On her blog, “The Nomad Notepad,” she writes about relatively normal things like religion and beliefs, as is her right.  And I can pretty much guarantee she was far away from the Ravens organizational radar.  Until today, that is.

Today, Lauren Cox published an article titled, “Drake, take your ‘side pieces’ and shove it.

In case you missed it, Drake hosted the ESPY’s on Wednesday night.  As a full disclaimer, I really don’t like Drake.  His hosting of the ESPY’s didn’t do much in swaying that opinion.  However, at no point after watching did I experience anything close to what Mrs. Cox felt.

This is Drake’s “song,” Side Pieces.


She was enraged at the trivial portrayal of what she described as home wrecking tendencies running rampant in professional athletes.  Her disdain for “side pieces” is understandable, what with her being an NFL wife and having “shed tears with so many friends over the issue Drake mocked tonight.”

This can’t really do her blog post justice, so read it while you can.  It goes on to question how the approval of Drake’s song as “acceptable,” and that being a truth in today’s society, is any different from Hitler truly believing his actions were acceptable, or the KKK for that matter.  Meanwhile, underlying this whole rant is Michael Sam’s journey, and definitions of “tolerance.”  It gets weird.

I suspect this will be removed (or amended) shortly (possibly with a push from the Ravens), so I’ve done you all the favor of pasting it, in its original form, below.  With all the negative publicity from Ravens’ camp, the last thing they need is to be attached, in any way, to these sort of statements.

Drake, take your ‘side pieces’ and shove it.

I just watched the 2014 ESPYS, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so saddened by such heartless, inhumane mockery as I was during tonight’s ceremony.
Let me start off by saying that you don’t have to be married into sports to understand how preposterous tonight’s display of disrespect was to the families and viewers of those involved.
The hot topic of the night was obviously Michael Sam. He was awarded the Courage Award for being openly gay. If you open Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet, you will be overwhelmed with people’s opinions on the subject. However, as much as there is to be said about Michael Sam, my focus has shifted to the tremendously distasteful showing of Drake’s Side Piecesthat put me in such a rage I didn’t know whether to punch something or cry.
As a wife to an NFL player, I am heavily involved with lives of other NFL players and their families. Some may think that the families of these players just disappear from August to January while our men are hard at work providing your entertainment as we eat our Thanksgiving meals alone, but you are extremely mistaken. I’ve shed tears with so many friends over the issue Drake mocked tonight and have also lost a few friends because some of these famous and heroic athletes you all love so dearly simply cannot remain faithful. So how contradicting I found it was for The Rock to get up there and speak on respect and ‘tolerance’ just 10 seconds after Drake further confirmed how idiotic some of the role models of this nation are…
I am sickened by the blindness of this country and what it chooses to promote and brush under the rug. I’m not here to pass judgmentor condone what happened on the ESPYS stage, but it is appalling that today’s society would spend SO much time on promoting homosexuality when the bigger issue at hand is how hilarious it apparently was to joke about affairs happening in not just these men’s dating lives, but also their marriages. Have we really hit such an all time low that it goes unnoticed how hateful a song like that is to not only women in the sports world, but women all over who fall victim to unfaithfulness? The Bible tells us that marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral (Hebrews 13:4). So why was there no one involved in the scripting and production of the ESPYS to stand up and say “This is wrong” when Drake was rehearsing some of the worst lyrics ever written AND approved for national television? Michael Sam’s story should have been put on the back-burner as soon as Drake sang the first verse in that absurd song.
But controversy is what feeds this nation. So it makes sense to laugh at the barbaric husbands that cheat on their wives and move on to the topic that took up a fifth of the awards: tolerance of others and their beliefs and lifestyles.
Tolerance by historical definition is to recognize and respect all other’s beliefs and practices without sharing them; to bear or put up with someone or something not especially liked.
Tolerance by today’s definition is the view that all values, beliefs, lifestyles, and truth claims are equal.
This new definition of tolerance is based upon several assumptions: Stanley Grenz – Truth is relative to a community in which a person participates. Since there are many human communities, there are many different truths. Don Closson – Since truth is described by language, and all language is created by humans, all truth is created by humans. So since there are multiple descriptions of reality, no one view can be true in an ultimate sense. Josh McDowell – If all truth is created by humans, and all humans are created equal, then all truth statements are equal.
Well obviously we are living by today’s definition. Everyone is created equal, so everyone’s beliefs and values are justifiable. Truth does not exist in an objective sense; it is relative. Truth is created by communities and culture and is true in and for the specific community or culture. Also, individuals are the product of their culture. So, any person, culture, system, or statement claiming to be objectively true, is in fact true by their own standards. Follow your feelings, follow your heart.
This supports the case that Michael Sam was correct in speaking out about his beliefs on sexuality. This also gives Drake proper permission to mock the girlfriends and wives of athletes because I’m pretty certain that by having the balls to get up there and sing about cheating on someone and it being funny, he also finds it acceptable, and therefore, ‘tolerable’. But if this definition of tolerance can be applied to Michael Sam and Drake’s actions on the ESPYS stage, then that must mean that this same tolerance condones Hitler’s reasoning for murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people because deep down, he honestly and truthfully believed he was doing this world a favor by eliminating those lives for the betterment of a master race.
And if Hitler’s mass murder can be justified by relative truth and equality, then what are we so upset about 9/11 for? The men that hijacked those planes honestly felt that by doing so, they would be rewarded in the next life, so who are we to impose our Western views on them if everyone’s language is truth?
Or we could take a step away from mass destruction for a second and ask the members of the Ku Klux Klan what it is about dark skin that is so subhuman. I think we should be leaps and bounds past racism, but if truth is relative, why not support their racism as something acceptable to their own communities even if we personally disagree? Racism to us, but truth to them.
See the problem here?? These may seem like wide comparisons, but in God’s eyes, sin is sin. The logical conclusion from redefining the word “tolerance” is essentially this: You have no right to assume that your values are mine, that mine have to be yours, or that your views are right and mine are wrong. Our views just are, and one is not better than the other. You cannot force an issue until everyone agrees because there will never come a time when everyone agrees.
So, I vote we go back to the old way of doing things where people’s opinions on lifestyle choices aren’t exploited publicly. When society decides to stop shoving someone’s sexual orientation down everyone’s throats by making a huge, unnecessary spectacle of them, maybe our eyes will be free to see things such as the of lack respect women receive from their boyfriends and husbands when men like Drake illuminate this American platform or pedestal these men are placed upon. Do not be wise in your eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil (Proverbs 3:7). The wisdom of the world accomplishes nothing, and this year’s ESPYS further confirms why and how much we need the Lord’s direction.
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  • Beth Nickles

    I agree with Mrs. Cox. If we disagree with what others believe today we are construed as intolerant or racist or biased. Instead of being tolerant of what ALL believe or is justifiable. Why are the beliefs that Christians and Conservatives hold deemed intolerant, when it is those that don’t agree that are actually intolerant of those beliefs?

  • James Sutherland

    Mrs Cox mentioned Adolf Hitler and the KKK. I am intolerant of Hitler’s hatred of Jews, and I’m intolerant of the KKKs hatred of black people. I am also intolerant of some (not all) conservative Christians hatred of homosexuals. I’m sure Hitler believed that his views on Jews were rational, I’m sure the KKK believe their views on black people are rational, and I’m sure that you believe your views on homosexuals are rational. As a loving, compassionate person who believes in equality, I think that all the views listed above are grossly misguided.

    I just can’t see how Christians are the ones being persecuted. Are you being persecuted because you aren’t being allowed to persecute homosexuals?

    For some odd reason, the religious right seem to have a real twisted hatred towards homosexuals. They treat homosexuality as if it is the greatest evil on the planet, despite little mention of it in the Bible. On the few occasions it is spoken about, it’s in regards to male promiscuity, molestation and prostitution – there is no mention of committed, monogamous, same sex relationships.

    Jesus made no mention of homosexuality at all. If the Biblical Jesus existed, I’m sure he’d have welcomed them with open arms and loved them as he loved everyone (especially the oppressed outcasts of society). Jesus was all about acceptance (a much more loving word than the awkward “tolerance”) and equality – not about persecution and hatred.

    I wish more Christians would actually follow the teachings of Jesus, rather than the teachings of their pastor.