Johnny Unitas and Ray Lewis — Baltimore legends, immortalized together


Ground is breaking in Baltimore, and we’re not talking new property.

It looks like the Johnny Unitas statue, which stands at the end of Ravens Walk, will have some company very soon. The Baltimore Ravens honored “The Golden Arm” back in October of 2002, a month after his passing. Unitas brought Baltimore fans a lot of excitement in his years as a Baltimore Colt.

A legacy such as Unitas’ could only share the spotlight with a legend Johnny-U himself would admire. Who better than Baltimore Ravens legend, Ray Lewis? Not bad company at all.

Ray Lewis may have only retired a little over a year ago, but his 17 years of dedication to the city of Baltimore — on and off the field — make him well deserving of this honor. Not only is Lewis the greatest Baltimore Raven to lace up his cleats, but he’s also considered one of the best to ever play his position in the NFL. Needless to say, Lewis has the individual accolades and Super Bowl titles to end most any argument against his statue’s erection at M&T Bank Stadium.

According to Unitas’ son, Chad Unitas, his father would have had no problem sharing the real estate with the future Hall of Fame linebacker.

“He’d embrace it, absolutely,” said Chad Unitas. “Whenever people think of the Baltimore Ravens, they think of Ray Lewis. Whenever people think of the Baltimore Colts, they happen to think of my dad. It’s a great honor on both sides. It’s two people that this city really looks up to.”

Unitas had the opportunity to watch Lewis’ first six years in Baltimore.

“Dad always said Ray Lewis was a player that could have played back in the day when he played,” Chad Unitas said.

Lewis and Unitas may have never had that opportunity, but their love for the city of Baltimore, along with their legendary careers, will put them side-by-side in 2014.

The city of Baltimore has always remained loyal to their communities and teams — especially if given a great reason to support something. Both “Johnny-U” and “Ray Ray” have given the city of Baltimore countless reasons to forever remain loyal, and now their statues will greet fans as they enter the stadium.

Lewis’ statue will be unveiled, standing to the right of the Unitas statue, before the start of the 2014-’15 season.

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