San Francisco 49ers Offensive Line preview: Staley extended, Boone waits


The 49ers finally gave an offensive lineman a little extra money. Surprisingly, his name is not Alex Boone or Mike Iupati.

The eight year veteran out of Central Michigan Joe Staley reached an agreement with the 49ers on a two year extension which would keep him in San Francisco until 2019.

It may come as a shock to some that Staley was given money, while Boone and Iupati continue to wait.

Boone, like Vernon Davis, continues to hold out so that he can receive a new contract. Some people, like Boone, believe that he is underpaid. He is making an average salary of $1.6 million a year. He signed his most recent contract in 2011 when he was a backup right guard. In 2012, he earned the starting position and started every game, including the Super Bowl.

Boone is a versatile player as he can play both guard and tackle on the offensive line. The five year player has really developed himself as one of the best offensive linemen in the league at only 27 years of age.

If he continues to hold out through all of training camp, the thing 49er fans may worry about the most is whether or not Boone will suit up for week 1.

While Boone’s holding out may be the biggest story line heading into training camp, there are still other players that could make an impact at training camp.

The 49ers offensive line has a lot of depth which includes Boone, Staley, Iupati, and Anthony Davis who all have been starting together since 2012. With Daniel Kilgore and the addition of Marcus Martin out of USC, who some consider to be the steal of the draft, at the center position, the offensive line has some of the best big men in the game.

This will be the biggest competition of the 49ers training camp. So keep an eye out for the rookie Martin to make some serious strides at camp. However, Kilgore may still have the upper hand as he just earned a contract extension this offseason.

Injuries will be the biggest concern for all players especially Iupati. If all players can remain healthy for the season, Kaepernick won’t be rushed in the pocket.

With Boone continuing to sit on the sideline, rookies and other players are able to take more reps before the season begins.

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  • donna

    I hope Boone is not dumb enough to think continuing to hold out is going to get the results he’s looking for with his contract. The 49ers have shown already that they don not negotiate with players who don’t show up and work. Same for Mr. Davis. The 49ers will “move on to next man up”.

    • Alex Farkas

      You are exactly right. It is the waiting game but I do not believe that Davis or Boone will get what they are looking for.