San Francisco 49ers star Aldon Smith sentenced to jail time


Troubled 49ers star Aldon Smith had sentencing today for numerous weapon charges and a DUI, but had felony gun charges reduced to misdemeanors and seemed to get off pretty lightly in the grand scheme of things.

This comes on the heels of another piece of good news for Smith, after he learned he will not face charges for allegedly yelling bomb in the LAX airport back in April.

Smith still faces discipline from the league, which will likely include a suspension expected to be between four and six games, according to multiple reports.

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  • Niles Standish

    WOW talk about dropping the hammer “wink” I wonder if the guy who is working his ass off to save up to go to one of them games would get the same treatment?

  • Chris hall

    Yes he would if it was his first offense, I have 3 felonies, 1 is for manufacturing meth, and all i got was 5 years probation.

  • WD

    This crap is running rampant in the NFL and its time for them to take a stand and make an example out of one of these idiots

    (and before anyone goes off on me this has nothing to do with color)