Should the Seattle Seahawks trade Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders?


Attention Seahawks: You need to trade Marshawn Lynch.

With Seahawks training camp beginning in exactly one week, the NFL’s Silly Season is almost over. This means, of course, it’s time to let your wildest SFW Seahawks dreams see the light of day. As a devout Seahawks fan in Oakland, with a place in my heart for the Raiders, this is mine.

The Seahawks’ Needs

With both Robert Turbin and 2013 second-round pick Christine Michael enjoying high praise this offseason, running back is not a position of need for this squad. Add to the mix Lynch’s hint that he may holdout over contract concerns, and Seahawks fans have to admit: the front-office would be stupid for not considering its future with Lynch. And this front office is not stupid.

With Lynch’s contract running through 2015, it’s widely perceived that the Hawks will move on for younger talent atop the depth chart after this season. If the Hawks made a move now, allowing another team to lock Lynch in for his final two seasons before reaching the age of 30, this may be Seattle’s final opportunity to collect some draft picks in exchange for Lynch’s contract. Trading Lynch would also help the Seahawks dodge a 2015 cap penalty of $1.5 million, by avoiding the anticipated cut from their roster after this season.

In addition to not needing Lynch any longer, and the likelihood of saving a bit of money from cutting him next year, the Seahawks under Pete Carroll and John Schneider (PCJS) are notoriously greedy for draft picks. As Kenneth S. Arthur has noted over at Field Gulls, the Hawks have traded more than half of their draft picks away, under PCJS — many of those trades being for more draft picks.

So why not score some draft picks for Lynch while they still can?

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  • Doug

    Interesting analysis… Trading Lynch would also free up a spot on the 53 that would enable the Seahawks to keep Pryor as a project. Between Spencer Ware (overlooked but runs hard like Lynch), Michael and Turbin the Seahawks would be ok without Lynch. Make the trade!

  • citizencassidy

    In the process of writing this, and somewhat convincing myself, I found another person to join me, Doug? Score. (And good note about Ware!)

    • Doug

      Well the only scenario where I could see it actually happening would be towards the end of the preseason and all of the following occur:
      * McFadden gets injured or proves he just won’t be good enough, but the Raiders look like they might be getting it together (meaning Lynch’s value to them would be high enough to get them to surrender a package that would be attractive to Seattle);
      * Ware/Micheal/Turbin look great in preseason;
      * Lynch is exceedingly distant/grumpy about not getting a revised contract that PC thinks it might be better to add by subtracting.

      But.. it could happen!

      • thecantankerouscurmudgeon

        I’m with Doug on the above. Then… trade next season, as both Raiders and Lynch will be happy (and Seattle OFF Hook… mebe. Lynch could yet put up similar numbers for a few more years. Either way, running back position for Seattle is Deep now.).

  • Grant

    Lynch will be in silver and black next year. I see the beastmode brand he buit up being big down there for sure.

  • JC

    I could see this happening, but you’re probably talking a conditional late round pick, the value of a RB has declined over the years, the expectation he’ll be cut after the 2014 season, and Marshawn’s age. I’m guessing a 7th rounder that can be upgraded to a 5th or 6th based on his production. And if you’re trading a player holding out, it’s not a position of strength.