Camp Preview: The Washington Redskins have built a deadly receiving corps


Mark my words, by the end of this season, the Redskins receiving corps will be universally considered one of the top two or three in the league.

Everyone wants to talk about DeSean Jackson—and we will—but we all forget about Pierre Garcon, who had an absolutely outstanding season last year. He went from a guy who normally topped out at around 50 to 60 catches a year, to a guy that led the entire league with 113 receptions.

Some may say that it was just a fluke, but you don’t fluke yourself into 113 receptions. That takes real talent. That said, even if he does regress slightly this year, and Jackson takes away a chunk of his targets, he’s still going to clock in at around 80 catches for 1,100 yards and four touchdowns, and that’s a worst case scenario.

Honestly, though, all he really has to do is take up enough of the defenses attention that Jackson can make one or two big plays a game.

While Jackson easily had the best year of his career last season, his role is likely going to be quite a bit different in Washington. He doesn’t have to be the guy who catches 80 catches a year—that’s Garcon’s job. He needs to be the guy that averages 19-plus yards a reception, stretching the defense far enough that everyone else can eat them up inside.

All that is without even mentioning Andre Roberts, who was supposed to be the number two receiver behind Garcon until Jackson showed up. He saw his numbers take a significant hit in Arizona last year, with the emergence of Michael Floyd, but he has already proven that he is a very capable receiver. As a third option, he’s a steal.

Just for fun, here’s how each of these three guys did last year:

Garcon: 113 Rec/1,346 Yds/5 TDs

Jackson: 82 Rec/1,332 Yds/9 TDs

Roberts: 43 Rec/471 Yds/2 TDs

Now, it’s not very likely that all three will reach these numbers again, but you also have to take into account that they now have a healthy Robert Griffin III throwing to them, a beastly Alfred Morris pounding the defense up front and the up-and-coming Jordan Reed opening up space for the receivers on the outside.

Trust me, the NFL is going to be looking for shelter as the Redskins start bombing them with their passing attack.

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