Von Miller gets high with D.J. Williams (photo)

Credit: Joe Camporeale, USA TODAY Sports

OK, we’re not talking about Von Miller getting high off marijuana in the Mile High City (where it’s legal to possess, grow and purchase).

We all know of Miller’s run-ins with the NFL’s Substance Abuse program and the minor traffic violations he’s incurred with the police, but this is a bit different.

Former Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams tweeted a picture today of him and Miller high atop a skyscraper in Denver next to a helicopter. Apparently, the two had just or were about to take a ride in said helicopter.

Tweet and picture evidence:

This is A. badass and B. a great idea for athletes.

Instead of risking getting a DUI, how awesome is it to say, “Hey, let’s ditch this club and take a ride in my helicopter?”

It can’t be cost-effective, but it’s fun, faster than any car and would blow the doors off arriving in a Lamborghini (literally) any day.

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