50 Thoughts Going Through the Mind of an Arizona Cardinals Fan Heading into the season


Training camp opens Friday and expectations are at their highest level for the Arizona Cardinals in several years. It has to be just one of about 50 things going through their mind. Let’s see just what Arizona fans are thinking about this morning.

  1. Can we win 10 games again?
  2. Can we compete for the NFC West title?
  3. Is Carson Palmer good enough to take us to the Super Bowl?
  4. 50/1 are pretty good odds I’ll put $20 down on the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl.
  5. When are we going to re-sign Patrick Peterson?
  6. I really hope Kevin Minter is good.
  7. Should we have re-signed Karlos Dansby?
  8. Will Daryl Washington ever suit up in a Cardinals uniform again?
  9. Why is he suspended a whole year for testing positive for marijuana (again) when it’s already legal in some states?
  10. I wish he loved football as much as pot.
  11. Who is going to be our other starting middle linebacker behind Minter?
  12. Who is starting at right tackle?
  13. Who is going to start at right guard?
  14. Is our offensive line good enough?
  15. Is this Fitzgerald’s last season with the Cardinals?
  16. I hope not I would miss his majestic dreads
  17. Is he still a top 10 receiver in the NFL?
  18. Yeah he’s still a top 10 receiver.
  19. Will Honey Badger be ready for week 1?
  20. Should we have taken Johnny Football or Bridgewater?
  21. Should I buy a Deone Bucannon jersey? Or wait and see if he’s good?
  22. Is John Brown the next T.Y. Hilton?
  23. Wasn’t John Brown the name of one of the rappers on the White Rapper Show?
  24. I am taking him in the last round of my fantasy draft.
  25. Is Andre Ellington worth a 2nd round pick in my fantasy draft?
  26. I’m taking Michael Floyd in my fantasy draft.
  27. I hope we get Ohio State Ted Ginn and not Miami Dolphin Ted Ginn.
  28. I hope Antonio Cromartie is still good.
  29. How many kids does he have again? That’s a lot of child support payments he better be good.
  30. Should we have brought back Adrian Wilson?
  31. Will Patrick Peterson do punt returns next year? Should he?
  32. Who would win in a fight between Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman? Peterson for sure.
  33. Who do I hate more Richard Sherman or Jim Harbaugh? Tie.
  34. Will the Seahawks have a Super Bowl hangover?
  35. Will Russell Wilson’s divorce affect his play?
  36. Marshawn Lynch looks like a pirate. He should be on the Buccaneers.
  37. I hope he’s wearing down.
  38. Is Colin Kaepernick going to suck now that he got paid?
  39. How old is Frank Gore? He’s got to be 80 in running back years.
  40. Is Anquan Boldin over the hill? Probably not.
  41. Will we be able to stop Vernon Davis this year?
  42. How good are the Rams?
  43. Why can’t we be in the AFC?
  44. I hope John Abraham has another 10 sacks season left in the tank.
  45. We better beat the 49ers and Seahawks at home.
  46. I hate 49er and Seahawk fans.
  47. We can go 8-0 at home.
  48. Playoffs or bust.
  49. I really hope we are playing football in mid-January.
  50. This is the most excited I’ve been for a season in a long time.

Tomorrow, we’ll have the answers to all 50 of these thoughts.

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