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With training camps getting underway this week, the NFL season is right around the corner. And that can only mean one thing: Fantasy football drafts are about to start happening.

In order to get a jump on the competition, it’s never to early to start putting together a draft board. To help the cause, cover32 will be ranking each position, with updates from now until the start of the regular season based on stories from camp, performances in preseason games and in-depth research.

To get things started, it’s time to look at the most-important position in football. Here are the top 32 quarterbacks in 2014:

1. Peyton Manning (DEN)


Expect more video-game numbers from Manning in 2014

Coming off of a season where he threw for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns, both single-season NFL records, there’s no reason not to have Manning atop all of the quarterbacks. He’s poised for another monster year.

2. Drew Brees (NO)

Drew Brees

Brees is still a numbers machine

Given that Brees was the only other quarterback to throw for more than 5,000 yards last season, while also tossing 39 touchdown passes, it’s clear that he and Sean Payton still have something cooking in the Big Easy.


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  1. You got it all wrong about Jake Locker. Why rate him so low when Ken Whisenhunt is in town?

  2. Yup… More biased garbage from the Cover 32 morons. I’m gonna enjoy laughing my butt off all season as teams and players show just how stupid Cover 32 is.

  3. A. Legree

    whoever did the list don’t know much about football. Tom Brady should be second on the list & Foles, Stafford,Romo, & Ryan don’t belong in the top 10. Big Ben, R. Wilson & Kapernick belongs there.