Kobe goes deep at Richard Sherman’s softball game


Last night Richard Sherman held his celebrity softball game at Safeco Field in Seattle. 22,000 fans came out to watch the festivities. A number of Seattle Seahawks participated in the game including Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, and Russell Wilson.

Former Seattle Supersonics Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton also suited up.

The biggest star to attend though was Los Angeles Lakers guard and legendary psychotic competitor Kobe Bryant, who hit a home run in the game. Left handed. Because right handed would be too easy.

Sherman’s blue team ended up beating Wilson’s white team 19-17. The proceeds went to Sherman’s Blanket Coverage foundation.

Legit question: what does Kobe Bryant say when he does something amazing that would make ordinary dudes flip their wrist and go KOBE?

via stormingthefloor.net

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