Los Angeles Raiders fans take page from Dr. Death's book, start a petition


The Oakland Raiders need a new stadium and one that is not shared with a Major League Baseball team. But the question remains, how and where will they get that stadium? It is only a matter of time before the Raiders are playing on a new, football only, field. The Oakland Coliseum is too old and worn down to last forever and owner Mark Davis has already said that a new stadium is one of the team’s highest priorities.

But where will that new stadium be?

We have all heard the different options in Oakland, from the current site to Coliseum City to Howard Terminal, there are plenty of ideas being thrown around without much movement.

As all of the talk has occurred, there has been one person who has attempted to represent both the Raiders fans as well as the members of the communities of the East Bay who will be impacted by the Raiders’ eventual decision. Known by his super fan moniker “Dr. Death”, Ray Perez has been working non stop to try and keep the Raiders in the city where they were born, Oakland, California. As part of his efforts, he put together an online petition that he used to show owner Mark Davis that the Raiders fans of Oakland were serious about wanting the team to stay.

Now, a Southern California Raiders fan has started their own petition to bring the Raiders back to Los Angeles. Though, it should be noted that the LA petition has a long way to go before it reaches the Oakland one. Dr. Death’s petition has over 10,000 signatures while the LA petition has just over 100 signatures.


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