Quotable Monday: Armond Armstead retires way too soon


“It has been a pleasure being around Armond, as he gave us everything he could to play for us. Armond worked extremely hard since joining us last February. He’s had a lot of adversity personally that he’s had to deal with—unusual compared to most other players—but he’s always had a great attitude, worked hard and really did everything we asked him to do. While it is unfortunate he will not be able to play football, Armond is an outstanding young man who has a very bright future in whatever path he chooses.”

– Bill Belichick last week on the early retirement of Armond Armstead

It’s not all that often when a 23-year-old, highly-touted prospect retires before his career even gets a chance to start, but that’s what has happened to former USC standout Armond Armstead this week.

Armstead, who spent the 2012 season playing for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL, suffered a heart attack while in college. He later went on to sue the school over the pain medication they gave him and he believes led to the heart attack.

Before last season, the big defensive tackle came back down from Canada and signed with New England, where he was expected to be a major contributor on the defensive line. Unfortunately, an infection suffered before training camp ended up putting him on injured reserve for the whole season.

Just prior to the announcement of his retirement, there had been reports that Armstead was still suffering from complications stemming from the infection.

Whether his retirement was caused by the infection, the heart attack, a combination of both or something else entirely, it’s definitely sad to see such a promising career end so soon.

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